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At Platts-Martin Events, we design, plan and create events with a forensic approach to detail. Possessed of a profound appreciation for all things delicious, imaginative and beautiful, we've learnt the recipe for an incomparable guest experience - and have developed a razor-sharp eye for it. We offer a full planning, management & design service as well as a design-only service.


It is our obsession with detail that sets us apart. We understand that a misaligned spoon matters, a stray tea-light matters, a creased napkin matters - it all matters. 


From weddings and milestone celebrations to product launches and intimate corporate dinner parties, Platts-Martin Events creates an unadulteratedly joyous and memorable experience for you and your guests. We ensure that everybody is utterly immersed in and compelled by the story of your occasion.

Platts-Martin Events
Platts-Martin Events
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